7 Tips to Help you Succeed in Online Singapore School

7 Tips to Help you Succeed in Online Singapore School

As the world is moving into its second phase of lockdown with the increasing number of cases, an online school may be a reality in Singapore schools once again. Parents and students alike would be looking forward to making this transition smoother so that the results are efficient. The online school lacks a lot of things especially the face-to-face attention that students used to receive in school as well as the social connections that are so necessary for development. Retaining information and actually paying attention in class can also be quite difficult with online school. Some schools such as the IB schools in Singapore have been trying hard to make this transition to digital and online learning easier for their students and teachers. Here are some tips for Singapore school students to help them do better in online school :

1- Record the lectures
Most schools will provide you with the lecture recordings but some schools might have an issue with providing recorded classes. Make sure to ask your school to provide this as paying attention to your screen for long amounts of time can get quite tiring and be mentally taxing. You can peruse through the recordings later to catch up on points you might have missed. But, this does not mean you don't pay attention when the actual class is happening!

2- Treat it like a normal class
Without regular classes in progress, it is easy for us to fall into bad habits. To avoid this treat online classes as you would treat in-person classes. Have a set routine and pull through with it every day. Get up at the time you usually would for a normal day class, take a shower, and prepare yourself for class after breakfast. Parents can also help out with this by just providing their lunches in their regular lunch boxes to simulate an everyday experience. This might seem a bit silly but it can make a big difference to your motivation and productivity.

3- Create a virtual study group
Social interaction and physical exercise are one of the biggest things students miss out on when they have to attend online classes. So, if you are used to studying in groups, this transition might get difficult. Setting up a virtual study group could be extremely beneficial for you. Even though it might not seem like all of you are sitting together and studying you can still reap the benefits of studying together.

4- Use extra resources
Most IB schools in Singapore and others would provide you with multiple extra resources and platforms to facilitate your education. But, most of them are left to your discretion to make use of. The resources provided by your teachers will help you master the school work better. Some teachers may also provide extra office hours just to accommodate your doubts and questions or in general just to give you a space to talk. Make use of these facilities to make your school life easier for yourself.

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5- Create a dedicated study space
Most students would have a certain seat they sit in every day in school. Create such a space in your room as well. Set it up exactly how you would like it to be. Finding the right spot might be a bit difficult. But, once you do this space will slowly become your most productive space. Be sure to choose a quiet space where you wouldn't be disturbed by other family members and also keep in mind to choose a well-lit room.

6- Check your emails regularly
Most schools will either use their forum or email to communicate with the students and their parents. So most of the information that would have been relayed to you during class would be sent to you via these forums. So keep an eye out for them as you might miss out on some crucial information or assignment deadlines.

7- Avoid Over-Scheduling
Doing well in school would be a top priority for most students. But, please keep in mind that online school is still school and can sometimes get much more difficult. Do not over-stress yourself with this and put your health at risk. Give yourself enough time to restore your energy and revive yourself.

With online school, students and teachers will need to learn to deal with the setbacks and the added tension that comes with the pandemic and the transition. It is also highly important for us as a society to understand that the world is going through a pandemic and expectations from students and teachers alike should be given some leeway. Most of the time we do not know what the other is going through, especially if the child saw their school as a safe space for them compared to their house. So do give due consideration in these trying times before you take any action.

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